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Affordable, Fast Teeth Whitening Treatments in Downtown Annapolis

Are you looking to whiten and brighten your smile, but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars? Perhaps you are over using messy at-home whitening strips, but you don’t want to spend hours at the dentist getting a whitening treatment? Then our Annapolis teeth whitening service is for you! It’s fast, effective and affordable.

30 Minute Teeth Whitening with LED light – $99

Get an even more gorgeous, whiter smile with our affordable and fast teeth whitening service! First, we use our patented pre-filled gel mouth tray which the client places in their mouth, and second, we use our signature light which emits both blue and red LED lights. The Blue LED Light works with the gel to safely break down stains on the teeth. The red LED light emits a wavelength that stimulates cellular energy to heal any small cuts or abrasions in the mouth. Together, with the gel formula, the blue and red light create a complete process that both whiten and heal your mouth.

Teeth Whitening Package (3 x 30 Minute Teeth Whitening Sessions) – $275

Take your smile to new “bright white” heights with this package of three 30-minute teeth whitening sessions! Instead of paying $297 ($99 per session), pay just $275. Your pearly whites will thank you!

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