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It’s no secret that enhancing your natural beauty is empowering and makes you feel like a more beautiful version of you! Lash and brow enhancements are one of the best ways to highlight your eyes, frame your face and give you an effortless, yet polished look day and night. With our professional lash services like lash lifts, we enhance your natural lashes, making them look fuller, longer and more luscious. Add a bit of lash tint, and your natural beauty is front and center. Brow tints ensure your eyebrows are more prominent, helping frame your face and make it appear more symmetrical. At Spray Tan Annapolis, we do it all! Our team of beauty experts can help select the best lash and brow services, to help you look your very best, without looking unnatural.

Lash Lift – $45

A lash lift is when the lashes are “curled” with a solution to “lift” and set the lashes. These last 6-8 weeks or until the lash regrows (typically every 60-90 days is a natural lash cycle.). This lash service takes 30 minutes. Includes Keratin Lash Boost.

Lash Tint – $35

We add a special eye + lash safe dye to the lashes to tint them for 6-8 weeks. This lash service takes 30 minutes. Includes Keratin Lash Boost.

Lash Lift + Tint – $75

Save $5 when you book both a Lash Lift + Tint. This is one of our most popular packages to really enhance the look of the lashes. Includes Keratin Lash Boost.

Keratin Lash Boost – $15

Drench your lashes with keratin therapy. Every part of your body deserves to be pampered, why not your lashes too! Strengthen and plump your lashes with this luxe treatment. This lash service takes 30 minutes.

Weekend Lashes – $60

Want a little pick me up without the damage to your lashes? Try on our “weekend lashes” lasting 2-3 days. Customizable, allergy free and quick drying! Add onto any tan or come in for just lashes only! Add onto any tan for a discounted price of $50.00 (discount taken at checkout.). This lash service takes 30 minutes.

Brow Tint – $25

Classic brow tint. This brow service takes 20 minutes.

Brow Tint + Shape – $50

Get polished beautiful brows, customized for your face. This brow service will highlight your facial features and make your eyes pop. This brow service takes 30 minutes.

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