Annapolis Airbrush Tanning Specials


Properly preparing for your spray tan, lash lift, brow tint or teeth whitening service will ensure the best results! Please read the following FAQ’s and reach out to us prior to your service if you have any additional questions that have not been answered below.


What is a rapid tan?

A rapid spray tan is one that sets between 1-8 hours. This means you can rinse your tan off quicker. However, the tan will still continue to develop for 12-24 hours after you rinse the solution/bronzer. Most tans stop developing after 8-12 hours of wear time. Rapid tans just mean you do not have to wear the solution/bronzer for a long period of time!


How long do spray tans last?


With proper prep and after care, spray tans can last for up to 10 days. Typical wear time is approx 7 days.


Do spray tans protect me from the sun?

No. Spray tans do not provide a protective barrier from the sun. Please make sure your sunscreen is applied regularly after your spray tan. Warmth tan bar offers spray tan safe sunscreen in our studio.


How do I prepare for my spray tan?


Exfoliating and shaving should be done 12-24 hours prior to the tan. Warmth recommends that exfoliating be done with exfoliating gloves and a gentle soap. You can purchase a tan and skin friendly soap or body wash along with the recommended exfoliating gloves in our studio. Dove soap, oil based scrubs are not recommended. All waxing, pedicures and manicures are recommended to be done 24 hours or more prior to the spray tans application. Any lotions or deodorants on the skin can result in uneven/patchy tan. Not exfoliating evenly or properly prior to your tan can also lead to uneven results.


What should I wear to my spray tan?


You should wear loose dark clothing. Any rough materials, tight fitting clothes (including bras and workout clothes, leggings, jeans) will make the tan rub off and develop unevenly. Solution and powder DO wash out.


When do I need to rinse?

Since Warmth Spray tan bar uses all rapid tan solutions, this depends on how dark you want to be! Rapid tans develop and darken by how long you leave them on. Most rapid spray tans have a max development time of 8-10 hours depending on the person and skin type.

Normal to Dry Skin


Light Glow- 1-2 Hours
Medium Glow – 2-3 Hours
Dark Glow – 3-4 Hours
Max Results – 4-8 hours


Normal to Oily Skin (or very humid conditions)


Light Glow – 1-3 Hours
Medium Glow – 3-5 Hours
Dark Glow – 5-7 Hours
Max Results – 7-10 Hours


What is the setting powder?


The powder applied after the tan leaves the skin feeling dry, smooth and smells delightful! The powder is an arrowroot base and is all natural! The powder allows you to get dressed immediately after being sprayed.


How do I make my tan last?


Moisturize! You can purchase the lotion, soap and self tanner in the studio to prolong your results. Long exposure to water (pools, hot tubs. ocean water, long showers/baths) can make the tan fade faster.


How can I remove my tan?


Exfoliate! Use the gloves that you purchased to scrub off the tan. We also sell a tan removing gentle skin exfoliant in our studio. It is recommended that you exfoliate all of your old tan off before getting a fresh tan.


Lash and Brow FAQ’S


What are express lashes?


Express lashes are lashes that last 5-7 days. These lashes are applied underneath your natural lash. They do not harm, break or damage the natural lash. If your lashes are straight, book a lash lift and tint along with the express lashes for the best results! Application takes about 15-25 minutes. Great for events, weddings and vacations.


How do I remove express lashes?


Use any oil based makeup remover or even oil/coconut oil! The lashes will come right off.


What is a Brow Lamination?

Brow laminations are a treatment applied to the brows to make them fuller, more shapely and fluffier. It instantly adds volume and shape. Add a tint on for a complete look. Results last 6-8 weeks.


What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a treatment applied to the lashes to make them have a beautiful natural curl. Lashes cannot come in contact with water for 24 hours after the service is completed. Great for vacations and weddings! Lash lifts typically last 4-6 weeks. Add on a tint for a mascara look without mascara!


Express Facials – Coming Soon!

I need hair and makeup done for an event, does Warmth offer those services?


Warmth does not offer hair and makeup services but our sister company Infinity Artistry does!


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